Rocketeer Connect: Creative Agency

A future that inspires.


With Rocketeer Connect, participants can carry out their goals for real, with weekly support from a coach that can include support with creating promotional content for their business, as well as step-by-step guidance on launching a new business in today’s digital world.

Picture of the inside of a prison

We are led by a team of experienced marketing experts, and backed by our academy of trainee freelance creatives. We are proud that this team is made up of people who have experienced the Justice System and are committed to creating a positive future for themselves.

We equip them with the tools and skills they need to earn money as freelancers with us, while also working on their own business ideas if they so desire. Anyone that joins Rocketeer Connect’s academy will receive regular mentoring and support as they embark on their journey in today’s world of digital opportunity.

We operate 3 groundbreaking programmes:

While what we offer most definitely involves education, we don’t see ourselves as a traditional educational provider - we view what we offer as practical training and guidance in what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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We encourage all our participants to take part in educational courses that will benefit them on their journey, but we also believe that our alternative more practical, tailored approach to learning will work better for many. This gives them the skills and confidence required to progress in business, without the need to take on exams that can have a negative impact on stress, anxiety and self-worth.